The Vitra Multispot is a 532nm photocoagulation laser that adapts to Haag Streit type slit lamps. It offers a wide choice of patterns, thus improving the photocoagulation experience for both patient and physician.

Its short pulse durations of 10-20 ms result in:

  • Less heat diffusion to the retina and choroid.
  • Less collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • A more comfortable and faster treatment programme for the patient (full PRP in only two sessions).
  • Shorter laser sessions compared to “classic treatments”.

Laser emission is controlled electronically, so that the laser beam is always perfectly centered in the fibre, each laser pulse is generated and controlled by the laser itself and each pattern is produced by two galvo mirrors, which direct each electronically controlled laser spot. This smart technology ensures excellent spot-to-spot laser burn consistency.

It is also easy to use, transportable and versatile with four delivery system options: Haag Streit or similar slit lamp; microscope adapters; endoprobes; or laser indirect ophthalmoscopes.


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