The Supra Scan 577 is a 577nm yellow laser offering a large choice of treatment settings, including pattern scan, yellow and the new sub-threshold option, allowing precise control of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues. The sub threshold mode can also be combined with pattern scan mode for better treatment delivery.

The Supra Scan 577 is transportable, easy to use with its intelligent aiming beam and user-friendly touchscreen or hands-free setting, and versatile with four laser delivery system options:

  • Multispot slit lamp adapter compatible with the Haag Streit BM/BQ 900 or Quantel Medical slit lamp;
  • Microscope adapters compatible with Zeiss or Leica;
  • Endoprobes (20 G; 23 G; 25 G); or
  • Laser indirect ophthalmoscopes (Heine Omega 180; Keeler Vantage Plus).


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