Punctum plugs are the least invasive of the long-term solutions to Dry Eye Syndrome. Daybreak Medical offers a number of EagleVision products to offer patients a number of solutions:

  • SuperFlex punctum plug – the comprehensive solution for Dry Eye with a better fit, easier insertion, greater patient comfort and a 30-day StayPut guarantee.
  • SuperEagle punctum plug – the simple solution with added comfort and retention. Available in three sizes and with the added benefit of the 30-day StayPut guarantee.
  • DuraPlug – synthetic extended temporary punctal/canalicular inserts that are
    effective for 60-180 days and are ideal for the treatment of post-lasik induced Dry Eye, seasonal Dry Eye or retention of ocular medications.
  • EaglePlug 1 – a one-size solution for Dry Eye developed through over almost 40 years of experience in the punctum occlusion market. A unique, dual-lobed design allows Plug1 to fit a wide range of punctum sizes without awkward insertion techniques.
  • Coroneo Punctal Gauge – a complete gauging/dilating system in one instrument with graduated demarcated tips on both ends. Gauges/dilates from 0.5mm to 1.0mm diameters and can be used with all punctum plugs.


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